Our RICH AS FUDGE chocolate cake is the ultimate chocolate cake this father’s day! Made using premium Valrhona chocolate, our Rich As Fudge cake will be the best chocolate cake you’ve tried yet. Crusty on top but yet lusciously gooey and fudgey inside, this chocolate cake can be enjoyed both chilled or warm.

When eaten chilled from the refrigerator, this cake is chewy, rich and gooey.

To enjoy it warm, pop one slice in the microwave and you’ll get a warm molten lava cake that is a chocolate lover’s dream come true.


Our Rich as Fudge Chocolate Cake is only available in 6 inches, contains 700 grams of chocolate GOODNESS. 

[FATHER'S DAY] Rich as FUDGE Chocolate Cake

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  • Our cakes are good for up to 3 days in the refrigerator.


    All cakes might contain allergens such as nuts and eggs.