a) Fresh Cream Cakes: Refrigerate till just before serving.

b) Buttercream Cakes: Can be left in a cold air-con room for up to 3-4 hours (depending on how cold the room is). 

c) All our cakes are delivered cold and straight out from the fridge. Let it come to room temperature by leaving it out at least 2.5 hours (air con)/ 1 hour (non air con) before cake cutting to ensure a soft cake with the best texture. Please factor in this time when picking a cake collection/ delivery timing. Else, feel free to contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements for you to thaw your cake first.

d) For certain cakes, they are delivered frozen out of the freezer to ensure the freshness of the cake is retained. Do defrost for at least 2.5 hours in the refrigerator before serving.  

e) It is the customers' responsibility to ensure that the venue has proper storage for the cake. If you need information on the cake box size, or any other details to ensure proper storage, please do not hesitate to ask the team for assistance. We would not be held responsible if the venue does not have proper conditions to store the cake.

f) Our cakes are packed in a box and comes with a plastic bag. However, do hold the cake by the box to ensure better stability. 

g) All cakes willl come with a single gold candle and cake knife. A complimentary small happy birthday topper will be provided upon request.

h) We do not provide dry ice.


a) Our desserts would come with plastic bags.

b) Our desserts are best eaten cold, but can be left in a cold air con room for 2-3 hours.


a) Our single gelato pints come in a thermal sleeve with an ice pack. A complimentary thermal bag & ice pack will be provided for any orders of 2 pints and above.

b) Our gelato is best stored frozen. Best consumed at 5-6 degrees celcius.

Standard Delivery is flat rate at $10. Priority 2-Hour Delivery time slots vary from $20-$30 depending on preferred time slot.