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milked. is our premium artisanal Italian Gelato range, curated by Divine Artisan.  It is made in-house in small batches, with the finest ingredients sourced directly from Italy, giving our Gelato that smooth texture and authentic flavor that is unique to us. 



As the name suggests, milked. gelato is made using premium quality milk, in contrast to the whipping cream used in the production of the usual ice-cream. As such, our gelato contains significantly less fat content. The usage of milk not only gives our gelato a smooth texture, but also a higher ability to retain rich flavors. Our in-house produced gelato goes through a much slower and longer churning process to give it its intense flavor and dense texture. We are also bold in trying out unconventional flavors and combinations, so try them out for yourselves! Satisfaction guaranteed. 


Corporate event coming up? Planning a surprise birthday party for that special someone? Want to cater something different for your wedding? Or even just a simple social gathering?

Spice things up with an unconventional booth - milked. gelato will make their special appearance... in our very own custom-made gelato cart!
With our gorgeous milked. gelato cart and our experience in catering to a multitude of events in Singapore, our Gelato-on-Wheels gives that extra touch to any occasion of yours, be it for weddings, corporate events, parties or functions.

We'll give your next event a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests!
Our Gelato-in-Cups are perfect for those intimate birthday parties, sweltering hot afternoons in sunny Singapore or dreary meetings in the office. 

Conveniently pre-packed in individual cups and with just a minimum order of 35 cups, give yourself an icy treat by savouring a scoop of our Signature Gelato! 


For corporate/wholesale enquiries, do drop us an email at
Delivery fees from $10 onwards (based on distance) | Priority 2-Hour Delivery: $35 flat rate | Tuas/Sentosa: $35 flat rate
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